ORLOX devient partenaire USERCUBE

21 Mai 2021

ORLOX becomes a USERCUBE partner ORLOX consolidates its security service offering around identity management and chooses USERCUBE’s SaaS solution.

USERCUBE develops and markets a USERCUBE Identity and Role Management solution for the governance and administration of identities and authorizations (IGA). USERCUBE offers a next-generation IGA solution available in SaaS and ISO 27001 certified already deployed to 150 major account customers. USERCUBE provides the functions of identity and authorization management, management role, compliance (recertification and remediation), risk management and identity analytics. The choice of ORLOX by USERCUBE is part of a common approach to federate an IGA SaaS offer that is no longer to demonstrate with several years experiences of implementation of IGA projects in Belgium. “We are honored that ORLOX, which is part of the largest IT service group in Belgium (Cronos), has chosen to build one of their competence centers on the USERCUBE SaaS offer. Their experience, their ability to deliver and their enthusiasm will allow us to penetrate this market even faster. We already have three prestigious references in Belgium, in the banking world and the European Institutions representing more than fifteen thousand users. ORLOX will allow us to develop this market faster.”
Bernard Ister, Country Manager “the Digital Transformation is pushing organizations to rethink their entire IT security strategy. More and more, the digital identity becomes the key to critical business data and network infrastructure. At ORLOX we help businesses ensure that remote working can be kept safe and secure. Thanks to our excellent partnership with USERCUBE and the versatility of the product, we can provide a robust and secure identity foundation for every organization. “ Wim Beck, Managing Partner

The added value of ORLOX Thanks to its team of certified consultants, ORLOX has the ability to support the implementation of an Identity and Access Management project throughout: • Project Support • Identification and definition of needs, • Design and specification of functional requirements such as request management, self-service functions, • Drafting of technical specifications • Support Project management/ Integration • Integration of identity repositories • Development and implementation of connectors, • Implementation of the entire IGA project

About ORLOX : ORLOX is a company within the Cronos group specializing in securing the digital workplace. We support our clients by having infrastructure & development teams working closely together from modern identity to modern business applications. For ORLOX, the end-user is at the center. ORLOX builds custom digital workplaces: workable work for anyone, anytime, from anywhere. With a main focus on the following aspects of securing your modern workplace: • Identity & Access Management • Endpoint & Messaging security • Infrastructure services • Data Protection

About USERCUBE : USERCUBE is a European publisher, leader in the field of identity management and governance (IGA) in SaaS. The solution makes it possible to provide key processes at the heart of the organization to guarantee digital confidence. Identity Management and Authorization Governance (IGA) brings together all the processes of an organization aimed at enabling each identified individual to have the right rights at the right time for the right reasons. In just a few years, the USERCUBE Identity Management solution has been deployed in more than 150 companies, some of which manage tens of thousands of users around the world. USERCUBE Identity Management is the only IGA solution in SaaS certified ISO 27001.

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