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Our story

USERCUBE saw the light of day in 2009 after several important observations: the lapse of time between a new user’s arrival and his/her possession of correct access rights, and similarly, the lapse of time between a user’s departure and the deactivation of his/her accounts.

Beyond the obvious security issues, there are also licensing fees attached to these unused accounts. During this same period, several episodes of corporate information leaks were announced. To respond to these issues, our three founders decided to create USERCUBE.

Quickly, they managed to put together a powerful solution that surpassed existing solutions world-wide. It was the first solution IGA as SaaS. Within a few years, Usercube was deployed by more than 150 companies, including 3 of the 4 most profitable companies of the CAC 40.

Today, USERCUBE continues to stay head of the curve with respect to large American companies. The fifth version of USERCUBE’s solution came out in 2019. This version is ultra-configurable and handles any kind of use case scenario – no exceptions. New major functionalities are currently in development using the most recent technology.

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Our values


Together, we are stronger and can overcome difficulties. Our teams work closely together, helping each other and our customers to build the best solutions.


We strive so that the fruit of our labor is implemented quickly, easily and without error. With this goal, we continually innovate and seek to incorporate the best of the latest technologies.


Our expertise allows us to efficiently judge an idea’s relevance. We’ll let you know, without judgement and with good-heartedness, if the project is headed in the right direction. In the same way, we are transparent about costs and timelines.


We move quickly and don’t withdraw when faced with obstacles because we believe in the projects we undertake.

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