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Processes at the heart of the organization to ensure digital trust

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) brings together all of an organization’s processes to enable each identified individual to have the correct access rights at the right time for the right reasons. This type of solution is important for several reasons:

  • Monitor everyone who has access, their missions and their locations
  • Effectively manage employee arrivals, job changes and departures
  • Optimize resource allocation workflows
  • Increase security
  • Facilitate audits with reliable and understandable data

Usercube is your user and organizational data repository

Usercube builds a repository of organizations, sites, users and resources, from different sources, to become the centralized location for reliable and exhaustive information. Usercube can then:

  • Generate a corporate directory that can be consulted by employees;
  • Automatically determine the person responsible for an action
  • Define dynamic management rules according to the characteristics of the users (job, site, department, employment contract, etc.)
  • Generate an organizational chart to view teams and their members

The directory is powered by real-time movement of people, administration tasks and personal updates through the self-service screen. This constantly ensures a very high level of accuracy of the information contained.

The repository can interface with other software to share knowledge of hierarchy and organization.

Inside organizations, people frequently move around

Inside organizations, people frequently move around (hires, departures, subsidiary creations, office closings, reorganizations, moves …). These changes affect several services and so must be anticipated and/or realized quickly:

  • HR needs to organize and communicate
  • General services must manage badges, offices and supplies
  • IT should take care of computers, phones, network and application access
  • Risk management must ensure the traceability of these changes.

Because the company’s organization is modeled in Usercube, workflows inform the necessary people in real time, making these actors more efficient and therefore reducing wasted time with each change.

Additionally, the constantly-updated repository and the traceability of all requests allows easy generation of compliance reports.

Usercube centralizes everyone’s access and endowments

Usercube is your solution for centralizing requests regarding computer rights and equipment endowments. Each user, manager or local liason, can make a request to obtain, modify or revoke/return access rights or equipment for the users in his/her scope.

Workflows push the request to the appropriate people in order to obtain approval and/or start processing the request as soon as possible. Usercube also detects changes in user or resource repositories and triggers workflows for creating, modifying, archiving or deleting data. This reconciliation can be done in real time or in a programmed manner.

Access rights for your on-premise applications or your cloud services can either be provisioned manually via notifications to resource managers, or automatically via application connectors.

resource inventory
Onboarding of new users in under 4 hours
Outgoing users’s access deactivated in under twenty minutes
Administrative costs drastically reduced

Limit profile multiplication while allowing ultra-precise management

Usercube provides a comprehensive role-based model that defines the rights of users based on their identity, job functions and location.

This model can be fine-grained and very precise, while limiting the complexity resulting from the multiplication of possible entitlement combinations.

For easier management of the information system and entitlements, Usercube intelligently groups together resource types, applications, and job role. Contextual rules are also considered.

Notably, the multi-dimensional model can also manage users with several positions without multiplying complexity.

Certify access rights granted by managers and application owners

Usercube allows compliance verification of access rights granted based on affectation rules in place your organization. Your organization’s governance model is implemented with precise and multi- dimensional rule-based functionality. Access rights previously granted are collected and analyzed by our role mining function. Gaps between the model and the real situation appear immediately.

Usercube manages the model’s life cycle and can simulate or apply real-time model evolutions, provisioning the information system.

Usercube can automate certification campaigns: managers or application/resource owners are invited to review and approve (or reject) a selection of entitlements for each of their employees or for each user of the application. The manager or application/resource owner declares the need to keep, modify, or remove access to the revised application, adding comments if appropriate.

All campaigns and the associated documentary corpus are historized and preserved in Usercube.

Simple verification of unauthorized access rights

Usercube makes it possible to enumerate the IT system’s Security Policy regarding access right controls and can automate the exercise of these controls. Your organization is thus protected from security breaches including breaches related to the segregation of duties (SoD).

Real-time compliance governance


Apply your entitlement catalog rules and your IT security policy


View of organizational data, accounts and access rights in real-time


Compare current access to the role-based entitlement model


Organize, restore and keep a history of compliance campaigns

Reports on demand

Usercube’s on-demand reports make it easy to initialize the Usercube data repository and to track data over time. Several reports, available in Excel, give complete information regarding users, organizational structures, IT and physical access rights.

Each report is instantly available and adaptable to your needs as soon as Usercube is up and running.

Usercube provides an analytics module for organizing your own report libraries related to different business areas: Human Resources, General Services, IT Security, Governance and Role Management, Activity Tracking.

Principal IAM and IGA Use Cases
Usercube module
Build an exhaustive organizational and user repository with associated org charts and management workflows
Manage arrival, movement and exit workflows
Construct an access rights repository with associated resources and workflows
Automatically push the creation of application accounts and fine-grained access to target systems
Offer self-service functionality: the updating of user records, changing or reinitializing passwords, creating security questions
Reconcile theoretical access rights with actual access rights
Construct and implement a role model, with role-based rules according to your specific IT security policy
Usercube Identity Manager
Manage access details of on-premise or cloud-based applications as well as Sharepoint files and folders
Usercube File Access
Usercube SharePoint Access
Run real-time analytical reports according to specific criteria
Usercube Identity and Access Intelligence
Automate compliance campaigns, authorizing or denying current access rights
Usercube Compliance Manager
Automatically implement and verify your IT security policy
Usercube Permanent Control

A modular approach

Usercube is a ready-to-use SaaS or on-premise software solution that effectively addresses difficulties related to entitlement governance. The software suite consists of independent functional modules which allows adaptation to business needs and integration with existing functional components.

This integration and exploitation of additional components is easy, without specific development or additional cost, while guaranteeing a robust and consistent architecture and a homogeneous HMI. Each module is based on a common foundation that can be tailored to the specificity of each customer.

This “lean” approach aids in project management and limiting budget risk.

High availability
Rapid project implementation
Cost transparency
ISO 27001

Usercube’s SaaS solution used by most customers

Installed in the cloud, Usercube easily integrates with your information system without the need for specific expertise. Usercube benefits from MS-Azure’s capacity. Your data is stored near you based on Azure’s data-center locations, which increases the application responsiveness.

Usercube can also be installed on-Premise, on your own Windows virtual servers. The solution allows for plug-and-play integration with cloud services as well as legacy applications.

USERCUBE empowers customers

Our job is to walk alongside you and to create the best IGA solution relative to your organization and your specificities. We will work with you to tweak and optimize your procedures and use cases, because once in place, Usercube centralizes many of your day-to-day operations.

Our team helps you with each step of Usercube’s configuration, explaining not only the how but the why. We also offer training sessions to give you full independence. Just in case, our dynamic support team is available when needed.

USERCUBE manages customers, vendors and RPA

Usercube provides a comprehensive solution for managing internal and external identities. Customers, partners, even robots (RPA) are incorporated in our database model.

Your customers
Your vendors
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