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16 June 2021

Special Webinar - IGA Project - RETEX of WENDEL

Michel Tournier, CIO of the Wendel Group, explains how USERCUBE answers the challenges of identity and access management. Discover without further delay a …

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14 June 2021

IGA and SaaS, two pillars of business transformation igital transformation

Christophe Grangeon, Co-founder of Usercube, speaks about IGA and SaaS nowadays. Read the whole article.: See the article

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11 June 2021

AI and Cybersecurity

AI and Cybersecurity: How does AI improve the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions? Come learn how Usercube is using AI to improve the effectiveness of …

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9 June 2021

Kyos becomes USERCUBE partner

As part of its development in Switzerland, Usercube is pleased to partner with Kyos. Kyos, based in Geneva since 2002, is a trusted player in the field of …

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7 June 2021

IGA UserClub - Recertification

IGA UserClub: 90 seconds to understand recertification! Discover today the challenges and keys to success of recertification with our Product Marketing Manager, …

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2 June 2021

USERCUBE trains its clients

4 days of technical training for 4 of our clients: Swisslife, Indosuez Switzerland, Indosuez Monaco and Indosuez Luxembourg. This training makes it possible to …

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2 June 2021

IGA UserClub - Why IGA?

IGA UserClub: 90 seconds to understand why IGA Discover our new channel “IGA UserClub” which offers videos of 1m30 on different topics related to …

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31 May 2021


USERCUBE accelerates its internationalization by participating in the Impact USA program to prepare its next subsidiary opening in the United States! See the …

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28 May 2021


USERCUBE joins the healthcare market and joins APSSIS (Association pour la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information de Santé)! Meet us at the 2021 Congress on …

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