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5 May 2021

Impact USA

USERCUBE is one of the 12 start-ups selected by Impact USA to learn everything there is to know about business creation in the United States. See the article

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3 May 2021

Corentin is joining the Usercube

USERCUBE welcomes Corentin, who joins the R&D team to complete his studies at Polytech Grenoble. It strengthens the Marseille team as a backend developer, …

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30 April 2021

New IGA project for THELEM Assurance

USERCUBE consolidates its position in the insurance sector with THELEM Assurance. Discover through this article the implementation of its IGA project: See the …

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28 April 2021

Project Launch - Eurocontrol

Eurocontrol chooses Usercube in SaaS and Orlox as an implementation partner (part of the group Cronos) in Belgium. The objective is to put into production …

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26 April 2021

USERCUBE partners up with Big Bang Factory

USERCUBE is pleased to announce its new partnership with Big Bang Factory to launch its startup in the USA!

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23 April 2021

USERCUBE trains its clients

Concepts & Architecture Training Usercube with SwissLife Private Banking this week: mastering the basic concepts and architecture of the solution …

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21 April 2021

Special Webinar - IGA Project - RETEX of WENDEL

Come discover how Usercube responds to the issues of identity and access management with the testimony of Michel TOURNIER, Chief Information Officer at WENDEL, …

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19 April 2021

Aline is joining the Usercube

USERCUBE welcomes Aline, who joins the R&D team to complete her studies at Centrale Marseille. It strengthens the Marseille team as a backend developer. …

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16 April 2021

Press article - La Provence - Usercube's success story

Cybersecurity – The Marseille SME, leader in this sector, is still recruiting and plans to open an office in the United States to continue developing One foot …

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