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14 December 2020

Laura is joining USERCUBE

The entire USERCUBE team welcomes Laura Botazzi, who is joining the team as Office Manager. Laura has just set up her “Lauffice” structure and works …

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11 December 2020

End of 4 days of technical training for 2 clients

This week, a new ‘Usercube Technical Configuration’ training session, intended for 2 of our clients: a large Swiss insurance company and a large …

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9 December 2020

Special Webinar - ISO27001 certified SaaS

Come and discover the ISO27001 certification of the SaaS operation of our IGA solution. The certification audit was carried out by Bureau Veritas with the help …

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4 December 2020

Successful deployment - Toulon Metropolis

New production this week for the Toulon Metropolis, which now manages the identities of its 5600 employees with Usercube Identity Management.

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2 December 2020

Usercube - 6th User Club

More than 70 participants at the Usercube User Club online with the RETEX of the implementation of Identity Management and Governance (IGA) at Eaux de Marseille …

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30 November 2020

Successful deployment - MACIF

Successful deployment by Usercube on behalf of MACIF. 13,500 identities and 1,600 managed roles. Next step: automate recertification campaigns and implement …

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27 November 2020

USERCUBE identified as a promising solution during the Assises

During this 2020 Assises edition in Monaco, David LANIADO played the role of a reporter for Atout DSI. We pleasantly discovered that David cited USERCUBE in his …

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26 November 2020

Special webinar - A 50 days time IGA project

Discover in 45 minutes how Usercube technology and its industrial project methodology can reduce the costs and delays of an IAM project. Sign up now on the page …

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23 November 2020

Quentin is joining the R&D team

The entire USERCUBE team welcomes Quentin on the “front-end” R&D Team. Welcome onboard Quentin!

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