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13 January 2021

USERCUBE plays the collaborative writing card

USERCUBE announces an original initiative by launching a collaborative writing project; discover the article: See the article

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11 January 2021

Marie is joining the Usercube team

The USERCUBE team welcomes its first recruit of the year 2021: Marie Doan Roubinet who is joining us as Product Owner. A graduate of the National Institute of …

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7 January 2021

Team Sales Usercube

Boot camp in Marseille for Julia, Lara and Liv, the new recruits of the Lead Generation and Customer Success Management team of USERCUBE

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30 December 2020

USERCUBE Christmas 2020

During this holiday season, the USERCUBE team is very happy to have been able to play Santa Claus by sending a symbolic gift of our beautiful Provence to our …

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28 December 2020

'Usercube administrator' training - Toulon Metropolis

New training session ‘Usercube administrator’, for our client: Toulon Provence Mediterranean Metropolis. This training allows customers, in just 2 …

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23 December 2020

Press release - FORMIND becomes USERCUBE partner

In this particular context of crisis, USERCUBE is developing a new partnership with FORMIND that masters the Usercube Identity Management solution. See the …

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21 December 2020

Project Launch - NEXANS

Kick-off meeting for a new SaaS project for NEXANS. The objective is to put into production identity and authorization management (IGA) on the SaaS …

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18 December 2020

Philippe-Alexandre MARTIN joins USERCUBE as Deputy Head of R&D

Learn more about Philippe Alexandre MARTIN, Deputy Head of R&D, in this article: See the article

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16 December 2020


USERCUBE is pleased to present two new CyberArk connectors. Integration with CyberArk AAM enables Usercube to benefit the highest security scheme by storing all …

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