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21 June 2021

Press Release - USERCUBE integrates the Healthcare market with its SaaS IGA offer

Exchange with Lara Boutet, Health segment manager at Usercube. First of all, can you explain USERCUBE’s IGA SaaS strategy? Usercube was designed to break …

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18 June 2021

WEBINAR Simplify identity and access management with USERCUBE & Kyos

Come discover how USERCUBE and Kyos simplify identity and access management! Inscrivez-vous sur notre page “Demander une démo” !

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16 June 2021

Special Webinar - IGA Project - RETEX of WENDEL

Michel Tournier, CIO of the Wendel Group, explains how USERCUBE answers the challenges of identity and access management. Discover without further delay a …

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14 June 2021

IGA and SaaS, two pillars of business transformation igital transformation

Christophe Grangeon, Co-founder of Usercube, speaks about IGA and SaaS nowadays. Read the whole article.: See the article

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11 June 2021

AI and Cybersecurity

AI and Cybersecurity: How does AI improve the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions? Come learn how Usercube is using AI to improve the effectiveness of …

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9 June 2021

Kyos becomes USERCUBE partner

As part of its development in Switzerland, Usercube is pleased to partner with Kyos. Kyos, based in Geneva since 2002, is a trusted player in the field of …

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7 June 2021

IGA UserClub - Recertification

IGA UserClub: 90 seconds to understand recertification! Discover today the challenges and keys to success of recertification with our Product Marketing Manager, …

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2 June 2021

USERCUBE trains its clients

4 days of technical training for 4 of our clients: Swisslife, Indosuez Switzerland, Indosuez Monaco and Indosuez Luxembourg. This training makes it possible to …

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2 June 2021

IGA UserClub - Why IGA?

IGA UserClub: 90 seconds to understand why IGA Discover our new channel “IGA UserClub” which offers videos of 1m30 on different topics related to …

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