EasyVista webinar

11th of May 2022

Do you want to increase the productivity of your IT teams? Automate your authorization requests with USERCUBE and EasyVista!

Meet us on May 24th at 11am to discuss the benefits of the technological alliance: ITSM and IGA (identity management and governance).

Register now: https://app.livestorm.co/usercube/easyvista-and-usercube?utm_source=usercube&utm_medium=linkedin&utm_campaign=visuel1


13th of May 2022

Kick Off

After these 2 years of pandemic, all our teams are delighted to have been able to meet during a stay in Marseille! On the agenda, exchanges on the strategic …

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25th of May 2022

Webinar Squad & USERCUBE

💻 WEBINAR 💻 Want to make your identity management project, a success? Come and discover the essential steps to follow! Meet our experts @usercube and @squad on …

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