Usercube forms its customers

15th of February 2022

📈 Training 📈 This week, new training session ‘Technical Configuration Usercube’, for 3 customers.

This training allows them to reach a level of autonomy such that they can ultimately make all the desired configuration changes.


28th of January 2022

Usercube forms its partners

📈 Training 📈 5 days of technical training for 5 of our partners: Capgemini, Orlox, Squad, Wavestone and Prizm. This training allows our partners to be …

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27th of April 2022

USERCUBE is recruiting for its Professional Services team !

💼 Recruitment 💼 USERCUBE is recruiting in its Professional Services team! Are you looking to join an entrepreneurial adventure and have a BAC+5 degree in IT? …

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20th of April 2022

Webinars to come...

💻 Webinar 💻 Two must-see RDVs in May: May 3: How does Usercube address identity management and governance needs? Register here: …

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