European regulations and "Identity Governance & Admnistration" The next IT challenge

9th of February 2022

NIS 2, GDPR, BALE III, ISO2700X are some of the regulations to which companies are subject.

Identity, Governance and Administration (IGA) are pillars of the cybersecurity section of NIS 2 and ISO 27001.

CyberXpert, leader in the field of cyber security, introduces the state-of-the-art IGA solution: Usercube. It combines the most innovative technologies of the market in one powerful and easy-to-use solution. 

Come and discover it on Thursday 17 February at 11am by registering here:


20th of April 2022

Webinars to come...

💻 Webinar 💻 Two must-see RDVs in May: May 3: How does Usercube address identity management and governance needs? Register here: …

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29th of March 2022

10th Club Users

Today was held our 10th Club U, which brought together more than 100 customers! We took the opportunity to present the new version 5.2.3 of the solution! …

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28th of March 2022

Testimony of the Jura departmental council

📢 Testimonial 📢: Thomas LAVAUVRE, CIO, will do us the honor of sharing with you his customer feedback on how to finance his identity management project through …

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