Usercube forms its partners

28th of January 2022

📈 Training 📈 5 days of technical training for 5 of our partners: Capgemini, Orlox, Squad, Wavestone and Prizm.

This training allows our partners to be autonomous in setting up and customizing Usercube to meet the Identity Management and Governance objectives of each organization.


15th of February 2022

Usercube forms its customers

📈 Training 📈 This week, new training session ‘Technical Configuration Usercube’, for 3 customers. This training allows them to reach a level of …

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4th of July 2022

Webinars to come...

💻 Webinar 💻 1 Must-See RDV in July: July 7: How does Usercube address identity management and governance needs? Register here: …

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3rd of June 2022


This year again, USERCUBE shows a strong presence on the Swiss territory. In cooperation with our partner KYOS SA, we organized an event as close as possible to …

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