Usercube - 8th User Club - New release 5.2

25th of June 2021

On Tuesday June 22nd, the new version 5.2 of Usercube was presented during the 8th virtual Users Club.

Usercube IGA Suite 5.2 is a major step in the achievement of our vision: to allow our customers to divide by 3 the total cost of ownership of an identity management and governance solution via

  • the ability to adapt to any enterprise organization
  • a configuration without code
  • a catalog of ready-to-use connectors
  • ISO 27001 certified SaaS solution for performance and security
  • automatic upgrades
  • ease of use for all administrators
  • extensive internationalization of the container and content
  • Open and powerful API
  • integration with other IS components (ITSM, AM, PAM, SIEM, etc.)
  • an intuitive interface for end users.

And many others that our community could discover.


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