Press Release - USERCUBE integrates the Healthcare market with its SaaS IGA offer

21st of June 2021

Exchange with Lara Boutet, Health segment manager at Usercube.

First of all, can you explain USERCUBE’s IGA SaaS strategy?

Usercube was designed to break the paradigm of identity management projects that are costly, time consuming and often doomed to failure. We divide by 3 the total cost of ownership of the solution while increasing the creation of value. The cost reduction is achieved on the following 4 axes:

  • Simplification and acceleration of the implementation thanks to our platform designed to support any type of organization and our catalog of ready-to-use connectors.

  • Reduce runtime costs with our multi-tenant SaaS platform that provides tremendous economies of scale while freeing institutions from operational constraints.

  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to our architecture that makes upgrades automatic and transparent.

  • And finally, the ease of acceptance by end-users thanks to our intuitive interfaces.

We have a completely different and pragmatic approach since we validate the adequacy between the specific needs of an organization and our technology in a 4-day POC and we can deliver a first iteration in production in only 50 days.

And why a SaaS model?

The massive telecommuting of employees following the COVID has created the urgency to adapt quickly while securing information systems. It is the new logic “Zero Trust”. SaaS allows to be part of this logic and to be much more agile while reducing operational costs. Usercube is the only IGA SaaS solution certified ISO27001.

How does the Usercube solution respond to the specific problems of the health sector?

Healthcare institutions are nowadays facing several challenges:

  • They have to manage a very large number of internal and external collaborators movements, these same collaborators need specific authorizations and sometimes only for one day.

  • The grouping of establishments into GHTs implies a harmonization of directories and information systems that is often difficult.

  • At the same time, new legislation requires the institutions supporting these GHTs to align themselves with OSE constraints within the next two years.

  • Finally, they suffer from daily cyber attacks that threaten to compromise the entire information system.

Usercube provides an easy-to-use solution with an intuitive interface. The solution allows the management of the employee’s life cycle, in particular, the management of his/her authorizations, from his/her arrival to his/her departure, by also managing his/her changes of assignment, mission and organization. It is also the automatic or manual creation of identities with different degrees of rights and authorizations, and the periodic rectification of these authorizations.

Moreover, USERCUBE already supports several references in the health sector such as the Orpéa group or the St Joseph Hospital in Marseille for example. We rely on a network of partners already present and recognized in this sector for the implementation of the solution. We are also setting up new technological partnerships to be closer to the needs of health establishments and will soon launch a complete offer of a solution combining SSO and IGA.

What are the upcoming projects for Usercube in the health sector?

Apart from the realization of these new partnerships and the launch of the SSO + IGA offer, we already have some great events in the coming weeks.

We will be present at the APSSIS Congress from June 22nd to June 24th to exchange with the main actors of cybersecurity in the health sector.


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