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16th of April 2021

Cybersecurity – The Marseille SME, leader in this sector, is still recruiting and plans to open an office in the United States to continue developing

One foot in Marseille, another in Issy-les-Moulineaux, the Phocaean SME, leader of solutions for identity management and governance, has been able to make a place of choice alongside the American giants of this very specialized sector of cybersecurity. In 2009, Usercube was created by three former employees of the Aubagne company Calandra, Nicolas Moyère, the technology designer, Charles Dupont, Associate Director in charge of teams and services and Christophe Grangeon, Managing Director: At first, it was an empty shell pleads the latter. We were developing techno on the weekend, it really started in 2013.”

He added: We take care of identity management and IT authorisations. In a company, there are many applications that are used by more and more people. And it quickly becomes very complicated to know who is accessing what and why.” Usercube actually answers this question: To put it simply, when a person arrives on the first day in a company, with our solution, he has all his environment to work (computer, parking, messaging, software, phone that he needs, in less than 4 hours). When he leaves the company, in 20 minutes, everything is cut off. And at any time, we know who is accessing what. In a small business, it may seem a bit trivial, but in the thousands of people, it’s more complicated but vital, and Usercube is able to do that.”

HR issue, fight against cybercrime (protection of information systems and data), governance (protection of administrative accounts, etc. Usercube has designed “a next-generation solution where customers don’t install anything at home, we operate for them with the best safety standards”. We market this solution in France, Belgium and Switzerland mainly, with companies with 1,000 to 150,000 employees, we work for the Ministry of Defence, explains Christophe Grangeon, but also in general and regional councils, for insurance companies or the Council of Europe. In Brussels, we have just won the entire division of the European Community’s external relations, with more than 9,000 employees worldwide.”

In this very advanced area of cybersecurity, there are very few world-class players and, “Clearly we are at the leading edge and our competitors are American giants with considerable means,” says the managing director, “but we have a technology that allows us to make a difference when we have the right to play.”

Owned 100% by the three founders, the profitable Marseille company from the first year, with a growth rate of 30% on average (50% last year), recruits to continue growing and plans to open a branch in the USA to attack the market. Our wealth is our teams, says Christophe Grangeon, and we must leave everyone the ability to deploy and progress, and all this in a demanding framework, we are fighting against the best in the world. Our customers are great leaders in the CAC 40 and are used to buying the best. As a small company in Marseilles, we must be at the level of these people.”


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