Project Launch - NEXANS

21 December 2020

Kick-off meeting for a new SaaS project for NEXANS. The objective is to put into production identity and authorization management (IGA) on the SaaS Multi-tenants platform of USERCUBE. Like the SaaS, the USERCUBE team knows perfectly well how to carry out this type of project remotely.


16 November 2020

Project Launch - Departmental Council of Mayenne

Kick-off meeting for a new SaaS project, for the Departmental Council of Mayenne. The goal is to put Identity and Authorization Management (IGA) into production …

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28 April 2021

Project Launch - Eurocontrol

Eurocontrol chooses Usercube in SaaS and Orlox as an implementation partner (part of the group Cronos) in Belgium. The objective is to put into production …

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24 March 2021

Project Launch - EEAS

The European Union External Action Service chooses Usercube for the management of its identities and authorisations. Through this diplomatic service, 9000 …

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