16th of December 2020

USERCUBE is pleased to present two new CyberArk connectors. Integration with CyberArk AAM enables Usercube to benefit the highest security scheme by storing all credentials of its services accounts into CyberArk. The SCIM connector allows each user to make a request to obtain, modify or revoke / restore access rights or equipment for the users in his/her perimeter.


18th of November 2020

Progess USA 2020

Usercube is pleased to annonce its participation in the ‘Progress USA 2020’ program, which supports 10 companies in their development on the …

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14th of December 2020

Laura is joining USERCUBE

The entire USERCUBE team welcomes Laura Botazzi, who is joining the team as Office Manager. Laura has just set up her “Lauffice” structure and works …

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9th of November 2020

Philippe-Alexandre is joining the R&D team

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Philippe-Alexandre as Deputy Head of R&D. Graduated from INSA Lyon in 2002, he has over 15 years of experience in …

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