Press release - FORMIND becomes USERCUBE partner

23rd of December 2020

In this particular context of crisis, USERCUBE is developing a new partnership with FORMIND that masters the Usercube Identity Management solution.

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18th of December 2020

Philippe-Alexandre MARTIN joins USERCUBE as Deputy Head of R&D

Learn more about Philippe Alexandre MARTIN, Deputy Head of R&D, in this article: See the article

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18th of January 2022

New partner CyberXpert !

PARTNERSHIP 🇧🇪 🇱🇺 As part of its development in Belgium and Luxembourg, Usercube is pleased to partner with CYBERXPERT. For more than 10 years, the CYBERXPERT …

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13th of December 2021

Aduneo becomes USERCUBE partner

Notre rapprochement avec Adunéo s’inscrit parfaitement dans la continuité de notre stratégie partenaire. L’expertise et l’expérience d’Adunéo autour de la …

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