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Master your digital identities. Usercube manages :

Identity Life Cycle Management (entrances, mobilities, outings)

Entitlement Management : link between identities and access rights

Access Requests: request access rights through an user interface

Workflow (access approvals, notifications, escalations)

Automatic Provisioning : propagating changes initiated by the IGA tool

Reporting / Analytics

Access Certification : certify the access rights that users have on a periodic basis

Auditing and alerting : verify the conformity

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Usercube can handle all use cases without specific development

Profit from the know-how of our teams in order to build your custom IAM solution.

With our highly-configurable platform, Usercube handles user volumes from 1 000 to 500 000, in any line of business. We have purposely shaken up the standard project approach. With Usercube, we adapt to your business practices instead of you needing to adapt to our solution. Out of the box, Usercube is ready to connect with numerous business applications (ITSM, DMS, CRM, PLM, ERP, etc.), as well as with data from HR systems and your master data.

Also available are specific optional modules that manage fine-grained access for SharePoint and network-shared files.

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High availability
Rapid project implementation
Cost transparency
ISO 27001

Usercube’s SaaS solution used by most customers

Installed in the cloud, Usercube easily integrate with your information system without the need for specific expertise. Usercube benefits from MS-Azure’s capacity. Your data is stored near you based on Azure’s data-center locations, which increases the application responsiveness.

Usercube can also be installed on-Premise, on your own Windows virtual servers. The solution allows for plug-and-play integration with cloud services as well as legacy applications.

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10 February 2020

USERCUBE continue son hyper croissance en 2019 tout en maintenant une profitabilité exceptionnelle

L’éditeur USERCUBE confirme son dynamisme et annonce une croissance de plus de 35% de son chiffre d’affaires, notamment grâce à la forte poussée de la commercialisation de son …

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6 February 2020

Séminaire USERCUBE 2020

Jeudi 6 février 2020 s’est tenu le kick off USERCUBE à Marseille avec entre autres la présentation des résultats 2019 (+35% de croissance avec 22 % EBITDA : c’est hors …

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16 January 2020

USERCUBE participe au HEC Challenge+

HEC Challenge+ est un programme d’accélération auquel USERCUBE a participé il y a 5 ans. Notre Direction a désormais l’honneur de participer au jury 2 fois par an. La …

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